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USMC CTB  (3).jpg
The TC3®-V1/CLS are Combat Casualty Care Bag version 1 and they were specifically designed by Recon Mountaineer®, LLC Products for the U.S. Army designated Army Combat Lifesavers. It was designed as a First Responder system that ensures the right…

MOJO-310 Squad Bag.jpg
The MOJO-310 Squad Bag provides the 6-9 man squad with the ability to perform more complete buddy aid.

Recon Mountaineer
NSN : 8465-01-571-5231

Allied Industries Squad Casualty Bag Khaki  (1).JPG
From SFLCS kit bag. Can store a large quantity of medical items in an organized fashion. Has numerous elastic loops on interior. Equipment attachment points on outside.

Allied Industries
NSN : 8465-01-529-2118
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