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The JBC Fanny Pack is a highly resourceful Combat Life Saver pack that is designed to secure around the waist and provide easy access to critical life saving medical supplies. This design provides a close fit to the body, which helps improve balance…

FRB Medic Aid Bag (1).jpg
The FRB was designed at the request of some of our high speed medic friends who have a requirement for a larger aid bag. Because the bag is larger than most, if not all, the First Responder Bags on the market, they requested that it be made in 500 D…

USMC CTB  (3).jpg
The TC3®-V1/CLS are Combat Casualty Care Bag version 1 and they were specifically designed by Recon Mountaineer®, LLC Products for the U.S. Army designated Army Combat Lifesavers. It was designed as a First Responder system that ensures the right…

MOJO-310 Squad Bag.jpg
The MOJO-310 Squad Bag provides the 6-9 man squad with the ability to perform more complete buddy aid.

Recon Mountaineer
NSN : 8465-01-571-5231

Allied Industries Squad Casualty Bag Khaki  (1).JPG
From SFLCS kit bag. Can store a large quantity of medical items in an organized fashion. Has numerous elastic loops on interior. Equipment attachment points on outside.

Allied Industries
NSN : 8465-01-529-2118
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